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Troubleshooting Issues with

the Photodent USA
Image Minder Back Flash
 and Dental Light Box


We receive a lot of phone calls concerning some general problems that happen occasionally.  As always feel free to contact us if you have any concerns at all!


Halo behind the patient

    Be sure the patient is seated approx 18 - 24 inches away from the Plexiglas front.  Too close and it will cause a white halo around the head of the patient.


Back Flash is too bright

    Some cameras have very sensitive "CCD" panels that are used to collect and process the image.  This can result in your background producing a very bright background.  You may correct this problem simply by adding the silver tape,  provided with your system, OVER the flash tube.

Do this by un-screwing the plastic dome of the flash.  Inside you will find the flash tube recessed inside a well.  Take the silver tape (black electricians tape will work just as well) and cover 1/4 of the well at both ends.  Re-assemble the dome and take a test photo.  Continue covering the tube until you are happy with the results.  Call us if you still have problems.


Delay Trigger or Digi-Slave system does not work

    Check the 9 volt battery in the little black box attached to the flash unit.  Remove the cover and replace the battery.  Battery should be replaced once a year.  This should solve the problem, if not please contact us for an evaluation of your problem.


Flash will not fire

    Check that you have power and that the flash is screwed in tight.  Flash units typically last about 2 - 3 years or so with daily use.  It may be time to contact us for a new one.  It is also advisable, if you have a busy practice, to keep a spare on hand.


Please contact us anytime if you have a problem.  We are always happy to help!


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