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Pre-Flash Systems

Some digital camera manufactures have internal systems that require a pre-focus flash when shooting in a low light situation.  These systems will cause the flash in our 100 model image minder unit to fire pre-maturely and then when the camera system takes the actual photo the flash has not had enough time to recharge.  This results in an image that looks like the unit is not working properly.

When we sell you an Image Minder Back Flash, one of the questions we will ask is which camera model are you using.  This will assist us in knowing whether you require our digi-flash system or not.


Does my camera have a delay pre focus flash system?


This camera listing below changes with the whims of the camera manufactures.  Please contact us with your specific camera model when you are ready to order.

Major pre-flash cameras include these model....

NEW - Kodak P712 Dental System


Canon ( on the Powershot A610 & S21 the Flash Mode MUST be set at "Second Shutter")

Konica - Minolta



Nikon: Most D-series & CP8800, CP700 & CP800 Series

Sony: Most new cameras (since F707) with isolated exceptions

Fuji - S5200 & E900

Assorted Polaroid, Toshiba & HP

We will be happy to assist you in anyway to ensure that the model you purchase is the correct model for your office.




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