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Image Minder Back Flash Jr.
Mounting & Operating Instructions

Thank you for choosing the IMAGE MINDER BACK FLASH JR. unit for your dental & medical photography.  These instructions provide you with the basic setup and utilization of the light unit.


IMPORTANT!  Please inspect packaging of the Image Minder Back Flash Jr. for any  shipping damage.  If it is damaged, contact PhotodentUSA immediately.



  1. Loosen the lock knob and extend the tripod legs as far as possible, pushing down on the center mechanism to the bottom, then tighten the lock knob.
  2. Loosen the locking lever towards the top of the center shaft and raise the top as far as possible then re-lock lever.  The lamp socket should be 30" from the floor.
  3. Screw the bulb into the socket.
  4. Position the subject about 3 feet from a white wall.  Different people have different heights.  We suggest using an adjustable stool to accommodate adults and children.
  5. Put the Tripod Stand at the base of the stool with the bulb pointing up at the wall so the flash will strike the wall at about shoulder height.  Be sure the light from the flash will not strike the back of the subject's head, this will cause a bright flare around the head.
  6. Balance the light output from the flash with your camera using the instructions packed with the bulb.


We have also included a clamp that can hold the bulb socket to the back of a chair or it can also be clamped to the ceiling pointing down to the same spot on the wall.  Be very careful about light spilling onto the subject's head!!




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