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About Us

Photodent USA was formally associated with Main Photo & Imaging Service but due to the growth and popularity of our Image Minder Back Flash Light box we have decided to operate independently so as to better serve the dental and medical fields.


Photodent USA was created in the 80's to service Dental X-Ray Labs and Dental offices with their Film Processing.  We specialized in the printing requirements and marketing photo layouts in all accepted formats, for dental establishments throughout the nation.

During that time it became apparent to us that all dental films presented to us for processing and printing required special handling because of a lack of illumination behind the head of the patient. 

Thus was born the desire to create an photographic system that would compensate for the poor lighting behind the patient that always resulted in shadows.  By filling in the background behind the patient with our special image minder back flash system, we eliminated the head shadows and created a system that was out of the way when not in use.

The original image minder backlash was produced in 1986 and the model you see today is our 3rd generation model.

Our 100 model light box is for standard optical (film) cameras and some digital formats.

Our 600 model light box is for Digital cameras with pre-flash systems.

Always looking to stay up with technology, adaptive changes have been made to the image minder back flash system that enable us to better serve the dental & medical fields. 

As medical offices changed from film (optical) cameras to digital cameras there has been an understandable overlapping of both systems in the same office.  Thus was born our 700 model which contains two systems (optical & digital) within the same unit.

Some offices have restricted space limitations or just occasionally require a shooting solution for their patients.  We developed our Image Minder Back Flash Jr. for just this reason.

We always strive to offer professional assistance to anyone who has purchased one of our systems.  If you have special circumstance please feel free to contact us anytime!


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