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Image Minder Flash Back 700
Mounting & Operating Instructions

Thank you for choosing the IMAGE MINDER BACK FLASH unit for your dental & medical photography.  These instructions provide you with the basic setup and utilization of the light unit.

IMPORTANT!  Please inspect packaging of the Image Minder Back Flash Unit for any  shipping damage.  If it is damaged contact PhotodentUSA immediately.

All instructions are the same as the other models except that you have 2 switches on the front of the box instead of one.  The delay trigger goes in the TOP socket and the standard slave goes in the side socket. 



  1. Remove the Image Minder Back Flash Unit from the shipping carton.
  2. Remove the Plexiglas that is taped to the back of the unit.  This is to be inserted on the front later.
  3. Carefully remove the protective brown sticky paper from the Plexiglas.



  1. Remove the aluminum strips on the top and bottom of the box.
  2. Turn the strips over so the mounting holes are visible.  Then screw them to the unit with the small screws provided.
  3. Look for an available electrical power source.  Mount the unit near the power source with the screws and plastic anchors provided.  We recommend mounting the unit 30" from the floor to the bottom of the unit.  Also make sure to have approximately 7' of unobstructed clearance in front of the unit.  (See diagram.)
  4. Screw the slave strobe light into the socket.  The delay trigger has a 9v battery inside which should be changed every six months.  The delay trigger can lay in the bottom of the box.
  5. Slide the Plexiglas down the grooves on the front of the unit.




  1. Different people have different heights.  We suggest using an adjustable stool to accommodate adults and children.
  2. The slave strobe charges as soon as you turn on the front power switch.  A recharge time of about 5-7 seconds will be needed between flash shots.
  3. The person should be sitting on the stool approximately 1 - 1.5 feet from the unit to get the best results.




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